OLi-Bike for companies

With the OLI-Bikes, your employees are always mobile in a flexible and environmentally friendly way, both at work and in their free time!


You can use the OLi-Bikes at particularly favorable conditions. So why not cycle to your appointment with the OLi-Bike?


You can offer your employees the OLi-Bike tariff from 50 people upwards.


Information and advantages

  • 30 free minutes per rental

  • Your employees can access the entire bike rental system in Germany

  • Free minutes in over 80 German cities

  • Easy registration via company e-mail address


  • Instrument for employee retention

  • Health: Make an active contribution to the health of your employees and increase their productivity.

  • Costs: Take advantage of the savings benefits of OLI-Bike for companies and offer your employees an alternative to the company car.

  • Environment & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Every ride with the OLi-Bikes saves CO2, relieves the urban infrastructure and enriches your corporate culture.